Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wolverine #3 [2010] by Jason Aaron

In Hell Wolverine is tortured both physically and emotionally as he fights to keep his wits. Puck from Alpha Flight encourages Logan to keep fighting so the Devil looks weak and Hell will boil over. Now he begins to do what he does best – Fight back. On Earth Mystique reveals to Melita Garner that she was the one who lured Wolverine to have his soul taken and now she wants no part of it. The possessed Wolverine arrives on Utopia and smacks Kitty around however Colossus shows up and warns him to stop. The back-up story shows the group of individuals who have suffered due to Wolverine and put him into Hell. Jason Aaron has created multiple perspectives of his story as it progresses forward. The perspectives seems to be pieces of the puzzle that the audience is allowed to put together to enjoy a complete story.