Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taskmaster #3 [2010]


The origin of the town full of Hitlers is revealed hidden within the Bolivian Andes. Taskmaster mimics the fighting styles of Captain America, Destroyer, and the Blazing Skull while fighting Hitler-wannabes within the Bolivian Andes. The origin of the town full of Hitlers is revealed. Steve Rogers and Nick Fury have a chat about the origin of Taskmaster. The bounty on the Taskmaster is only a plot for main villains Red Shirt and the M.I.L.F (Minions’ International Liberation Front) to locate and takeover the Org.

Pulling the pieces together from Marvel history Fred Van Lente has created a well written mini-series of the origin of the Taskmaster. Jefte Palo is certainity an up-and-coming artist to watch within the comic book industry. This is a well-written and drawn series that deserves attention!

- Taskmaster was a former S.H.I.E.L.D Agent
- His “Saint Death” mask was from his first mission in Mexico to show solidarity
- Gains his super memory by injecting himself with a serum
- Real name is Tony Masters and he has a wife Mercedes Merced
- His wife runs the Org and his handler