Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Batman: The House of Hush HC [2011]

BATMAN: THE HOUSE OF HUSH HARDCOVER The Heart of Hush we saw Hush take out the heart of Catwoman and Hush having the face of Bruce Wayne. Paul Dini begins the sequel to the Heart of Hush called the House of Hush. During the San Diego Comic-Con, Dini says he's telling a "long, involved sequel to Heart of Hush" dealing “with a gangster who's just been released from prison that's been in jail longer than Bruce has been alive. Former mafia Judson Pierce seeks revenge on the Wayne family by assassinating Bruce Wayne for the problems caused by his mother Martha Kane prior to her marriage to Thomas Wayne. Now he has a grudge against Bruce and wants to kill him. As the story progresses, Hush learns of the hatred the guy has nd looks to use him as an ally to take down Wayne Industries."

- Jane Doe escapes prison by wearing the face of the person she murdered
- Thomas Elliot is shot and captured by Judson Pierce thinking he is Bruce Wayne
- The relationship between Martha Kane and Leslie Thompkins is revealed
- Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle reunite after the events of Final Crisis
- Alfred fought against Pierce’s men to protect Thomas, Martha, and Leslie
- Thomas Elliot teams up with Judson Pierce to take down Bruce Wayne
- Hush and Pierce with Dr. Death create a biological toxin using Wayne resources
- Hush shoots Judson Pierce believing he killed his father Roger Elliot
- Judson Pierce is exposed to Dr. Death’s chemicals augmenting his skin
- Jane Doe craves the face of Bruce Wayne out of Thomas Elliot’s disguise
- Hush is taken to Arkham and Judson Pierce AKA Skel goes to Blackgate Prison

This hardcover collects
Batman: Streets of Gotham #16-21