Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thor #620.1 [2011] by Matt Fraction

THOR #620.1

The halls of Asgard have a feast with provisions provided by the citizens of Broxton. The tales of Asgard are told as Gravelmir of Jotunheim arrives with a sculpture of Thor. Gravelmir greets various Asgardians turning them into stone before revealing himself to be the Grey Gargoyle and facing Balder the Brave. The Asgardians are turned to stone for one hour as the Grey Gargoyle searches the ruins of Asgard for the secret of immortality. The Grey Gargoyle searches for the Apple of Idunn which will bring immortality to whoever eats it and his powers will last forever not hours.

The Thor sculpture is revealed to be Thor himself turned to stone by Grey Gargoyle touching every hour for the past two days. Thor frees himself and takes on the apple away from the Grey Gargoyle. He turns Thor into stone however the apple is still within his hand unable to be freed. Grey Gargoyle gets away however he will be one of the Worthy within the pages of Fear Itself.
A beautifully written Point One issue by writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with the consistent editing explaining every detail. The Grey Gargoyle holding Thor for two days by touching him every hour was a great explanation after revealing his powers only last an hour. Artist Mark Brooks has done amazing work reminding me of another artist Matt Broome from the 1990’s. This is a great reintroduction of the Grey Gargoyle prior to his involvement within Matt Fraction’s Fear Itself saga.