Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chaos War: Incredible Hulks TPB [2011] by Greg Park

CHAOS WAR: INCREDIBLE HULKS HARDCOVER Following the events of Dark Son, the Incredible Hulks receive a warning from Doctor Strange of the events of the Chaos War. The Chaos King used Nightmare’s power to take over the Earth, overthrown the lords of the underworld, banished Death herself, and unleashed demons. The Hulk and Doctor Strange have issues due to the events World War Hulk however he plans to help out during the events of the Chaos War.

- The Incredible Hulks arrive in New York City finding people within a waking sleep
- No one is dead on Earth during the Chaos War because Death herself is banished
- The Damned rises as the Abomination returns and rips the outer skin of A-Bomb - Doctor Strange arrives and saves them the Incredible Hulks from the Abomination - The Incredible Hulks are unaware Dr. Strange is once again possessed by the Demon Zom - Both Abomination and Zom seek Marlo Chandler because she one was possessed by Death - Marlo uses the powers of Death to summon old friends to aid the Incredible Hulks - Doc Samson, Jarella Queen of K'ai, Major Glenn Talbot, and Hiroim Oldstrong returns - The Abomination summons allies of his own by resurrecting the parents of Bruce Banner
- Hulk faces off against Poseidon, Artemis, Boreas, Apollo, and Zeus

This trade paperback collects
Incredible Hulks #618-622