Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fantastic Four #586 [2010] by Jonathan Hickman

Reed Richards and Galactus set out to the Nu-World to discuss the corpse of the future Galactus buried beneath the Earth. Once there Galactus discovered what has happened as the Sun died 500 years in the futue and 12 million people perished as the result. The people used Galactus to power their temporal escape and the result was the death of the future Galactus. Reed is offered to save the sun and protect Earth so Galactus will not consume it to protect himself. However Galactus plans to consume the Nu-World while Reed gets as many people off the planet.

Susan Storm serves as an arbitrator between the New and Old Kings of Atlantis. However Namor has killed the Old King and Susan Storm protects the city while Namor explains his actions and the history of the Old Kings of Atlantis. Namor reveals the Old Kings plans to kill her.

Annihilus plans to enter through a Negative Zone Portal within the Baxter Building and uses a swarm of insects and their eggs to do it. Overall the story of Three has been building towards next issue’s casualty which could be any of the Fantastic Four. Jonathan Hickman has created a complex story with creativity and imagination that keeps the readers guessing.