Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Invincible Iron Man #33 [2010] by Matt Fraction

The final part of Stark Resilient begins just shy of next month’s Invincible Iron Man #500. Tony Stark is on the run with his new prototype car followed by Hammer Murderdrones piloted by unsuspecting gamers. Realizing the drones will tracking repulsors, Pepper Potts within her Rescue armor and War Machine powered down their armors while Stark races away with Detroit Steel and Hammer Murderdrones on his tail.

Maria Hill stops the signal being sent to the cell towers and shuts the Hammer Murderdrones down. Hill also orders General Babbage to tell the Hammer girls to stand down on Stark. The Hammer girls request the release of a detainee who happens to be Ezekiel Stane and they take him to meet Justine Hammer’s husband and Sasha’s father: the Mandarin.

Overall the Stark Resilient arc seems to be wasted as it only revealed the connections between Stane, Hammer, and the Mandarin. Matt Fraction did surprise on the revelations within this issue however it did not save the overall story arc. I will stop reading Invincible Iron Man after the #500 anniversary issue so I can look forward to Nick Spencer’s take on War Machine with Iron Man 2.0!