Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spider-Man: Big Time Premiere HC [2011] by Dan Slott

Writer Dan Slott takes over the Amazing Spider-Man following the 101-issues of Brand New Day and taking Peter Parker into the Big Time. Slott promises Peter a career, new costumes, new villains, new weapons, and a new girlfriend. There will be three artists working on each arc with Humberto Ramos working on the first featuring the return of the Hobgoblin. The last time the Hobgoblin was shown was in 1998 within the pages of the Spectacular Spider-Man and now Slott promises a fresh new take on the Hobgoblin character.

Slott’s inspiration of the new Hobgoblin came in the form of Roderick Kingsley and Phil Urich. In 1993 following the death of Harry Osborn within the pages of Spectacular Spider-Man #200, a new Green Goblin rose in the form of Ben Urich’s nephew Phil in Spectacular Spider-Man #225. Phil Urich carried his own series Green Goblin for 13 issues. Meanwhile writer Roger Stern returned to the character that he created and finally revealed Hobgoblin’s his true identity with the pages of Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives in 1996. At the time the revelation of Roderick Kingsley as the Hobgoblin didn’t carry much weight because it has been nearly two decades since he was in the pages of Spectacular Spider-Man. Now these two characters return to the Spider-Man mythos thanks to ongoing writer Dan Slott.

- Octobots battle the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Black Cat on Manhattan
- Doctor Octopus assembles the new Sinister Six and detonates his Octobots
- Electro and the Chameleon disguised as Steve Rogers break into a military base
- The Jamesons bought back the Daily Bugle from Dexter Bennett’s shareholders
- The Venom symbiote is removed from Mac Gargan whose body is deteriorating
- Marla Madison-Jameson helps Peter get a job with Max Modell at Horizon Labs
- The Kingpin hires the Hobgoblin to steal the Reverbium from Horizon Labs
- Former Green Goblin Phil Urich decapitates the current Hobgoblin Roderick Kingsley
- The new Hobgoblin Phil Urich steals the Reverbium and takes it back to the Kingpin
- The Black Cat tracks down and discovers the buyer of the stolen Reverbium
- Peter uses his private lab at Horizon to build a stealth suit to battle the Hobgoblin
- Both Black Cat and Spider-Man head towards Fisk Tower to retrieve the Reverbium

- The untold tale of the new Spider-Girl helping Spider-Man battle the Octobots
- Mac Gargan is taken by Alistair Smythe who is revealed to be the Spider-Slayer
- Scorpion returns as the Spider-Slayer builds his insect army against the Jamesons

This hardcover collects
Amazing Spider-Man #648-651