Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #6 [2011]

Guy Gardner reveals to both Arisia and Kilowog his apocalyptic vision he received of Krona collecting the Entities after he was turned into a Red Lantern during the Sinestro Corps War. Both Arisia and Kilowog were not happy that Gardner has kept them in the dark and decided to head back to Oa. Gardner and Red Lantern Bleez continue on their quest to find out who controlled the rookie Green Lanterns by infiltrating the Planet Karlok. Both of them face off against Zardor as well as a mind-controlled Sodam Yat.

Next issue is not only the conclusion of the first arc however it is also a prelude to the upcoming War of the Green Lanterns series running through all the Green Lantern titles. The conclusion next issue should cast some light into whether a third Green Lantern was required. Now it seems that the Green Lantern Universe is growing by one more title as Peter Milligan writes the Red Lanterns. The first arc will deal with Atrocitus and the rage that has been fueling him ever since the Manhunters Massacre. An interesting series that will add to the Green Lantern Mythology.