Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thor: For Asgard HC [2010]

Asgard is going through its worse time as it suffers from an endless winter now in its third year, Balder has been slain while Loki took flight, and the All-Father Odin has disappeared for two years into Midgard. Thor has been left in charge however chaos grows stronger as rebellion is unleashed across the lands with the attack from the Jotunheim Frost Giants. The Golden Apples that give the Asgardians their immortality cannot bloom due to the endless winter. One disaster after another plagues Thor leading to his inability of lifting the sacred hammer Mjolnir.

- Idunn and her brother Frey travel to Midgard to plant the Golden Apple seeds
- The All-Father Odin meets his former wife Jord the Earth Goddess for help
- A surprise attack erupts as the Rainbow Bridge is broken and Heimdall falls victim
- Thor travels to Valhalla to ask for guidance from the noble Balder the Brave
- Hela tilted Valhalla and emptied it into Niffelheim the pit of the dishonored dead
- A mortally wounded Thor finally speaks with Balder while Tyr takes his place
- Odin has hanged himself for atonement for raping his wife the Earth Goddess Jord

- Thor enters Niffelheim after dying and finds the roots of Yggdrasil and climbs it
- Ancestors return as well as the architect of the Rainbow Bridge returns to repair it
- Winter still rages and the enemy who set things in motion has yet to be revealed