Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Flash: Iron Heights [2001]


The Rogue Murmur is captured as forensic scientist Barry Allen testifies at his trial. Murmur has cut out his own tongue and his mouth is sewn shut. Nine years later we are introduced to Gregory Wolfe the Warden of Iron Heights as he explains the rules to the Weather Wizard. Things do not go well when Iron Heights is put into lockdown mode however with no riots or escapes have taken place. Now Jay Garrick and Wally West begin to investigate as dozen of guards lie dead from a respiratory virus called the Frenzy.

Series writer Geoff Johns early work on the Flash nearly a decade ago as he is establishing a new rogue gallery for Wally West. Teaming up with artist Ethan Van Sciver who will eventually draw both Green Lantern: Rebirth as well as Flash: Rebirth, the duo begin their marriage of combining storytelling and art to present a classic tale of the Flash. The 48 page story was at $5.95 in 2001.

- The Pied Piper is the only inmate to ever escape from Iron Heights
- The villain Fallout is serving his time by powering the prison
- Cicada is praying, Dr. Alchemy is reading, Girder is rusting away before being freed
- The Weather Wizard escapes while Murmur tries to cut the tongue out of a guard
- The Flash discovers the virus is within the water system while Murmur is immune
- The new Rogues is forged with Murmur as its newest member