Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ultimate Comics Thor Premiere HC [2010] by Jonathan Hickman

Current Fantastic Four and SHIELD writer Jonathan Hickman and Avengers Forever artist Carlos Pacheco team-up for the untold origin of the Ultimate Thor. The time of Asgard is shown as Ragnarok approaches and Odin forges the Mjolnir. In 1939 Germany Baron Zemo uses ancient runes to summon the icy giants of Jotunheim to invade Asgard. In the present Thorlief Golmen was part of the European Super-Soldier Program with delusions of being a Norse God. The series presents three time periods that create a comprehensive story under the direction of Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four) and artist Carlos Pacheco (Avengers Forever).

- Hilter gives Baron Zemo hundred thousand men for a secret mission - Thor, Balder, and Loki defeat the giants of Jotunheim and Odin forges Mjolnir
- Baron Zemo shows the Norn Stones to the giants of Jotunheim as a sign of victory
- Loki’s mother asks for the Norn Stones which contain all the power of Asgard - Loki murders Balder inorder to retrieve the Norn Stones
- The invasion of Asgard begins through the Rainbow Bridge with the giants
- Baron Zemo is revealed to be Loki the Lord of Chaos after killing Heimdall - The Jotunheim giants and the German army under Loki breach the Asgard walls - Odin buries Loki into the walls of the World Tree then he falls under a Jotunheim giant
- Dr. Donald Blake is revealed to be Balder the Brave
- Helmutt returns Loki back to Earth from the room without walls
- Loki remains as a god while Thor and Balder remain as men
- The origin of the Thor’s hammer is revealed
- Nick Fury offers Thor a place within the Ultimates

This hardcover collects
Ultimate Comics Thor #1-4