Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Darkness: Four Horsemen #3 [2011]

Jackie Estacado faces the wrath of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse who cannot be killed and they cannot kill him. However the Darklings now suffer as they cannibalize themselves to protect Jackie Estacado like an immune system. Now the Horsemen await the arrival of the Magnus who will unleash their powers and bring Apocalypse to Earth. Once the Magnus arrives the bikers would be free from the Four Horsemen. The origin of the Four Horsemen is revealed as the Magnus arrives to Ginsberg followed closely by the Light who with the Darkness bound the Horsemen in the past.

Writer David Hine has poetic words to describe the feeling Jackie goes through as he suffers from the Four Horsemen. We really see threat level increase with the arrival of the Magnus. Thought the only threat within this series was from the Four Horsemen however having the story elevated to another level brings out the characters within the story. Such has the origin of the Four Horsemen and the suffering they have felt being imprisoned. Looking forward towards the conclusion.