Wednesday, December 22, 2010

X-Men #6 [2010]

X-MEN #6

After their failed attempt of invading Utopia with their sole purpose of having mutants among the ranks of the vampires, Xarus faces off against his resurrected father Dracula. The X-Men arrives and witness Dracula decapitating his son Xarus. Blade is prepared to strike down Dracula however is taken down by Cyclops who intends to honor their previous agreement. However with a Vampire Nation united and strong Dracula is considering of taking Utopia. Cyclops threatens Dracula with a contingency plan much like the one placed within Wolverine. Dracula acknowledges Cyclops and offers the vampire Jubilee as a parting gift. The Curse of the Mutants comes to an end with terrific writing and artwork. Really looking forward as this series progress under the direction of Victor Gischler.