Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Invincible Iron Man #500 [2011] by Matt Fraction


In the present both Iron Man and Spider-Man track down techno-terror cell called the Bastard Sons of Wilbur Day (the original Stilt-Man) who stole plans for a Stark weapon. These terrorist want a return to the Iron Age, no databases, no electricity, only power at the hands of the people. Worried more terrorists will continue to do the same Peter Parker offers a kill switch so Stark would be able to remember.

In 2052 the world is held captive by the Mandarin while Tony Stark’s son Howard and granddaughter Ginny fight for the future. Howard Stark married the daughter of Peter Parker and is the current War Machine of the future. Tony Stark is held captive by the Mandarin however frees himself and kills him. He uses what is left of his technology to rid the world of Mandarin’s army and uses the kill switch to bring a New Iron Age.

The present and the future story were told side-by-side however it would have been better if the future story was told uninterrupted and the present story followed. The present story would have brought an adequate conclusion to the 500 milestone issue of the Invincible Iron Man. Back-up feature includes a prologue to the new Iron Man 2.0 series by writer Nick Spencer (Morning Glories) and Barry Kitson (Superman) and a cover gallery including all the variants of 500 plus issues of Iron Man.