Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thor #619 [2010] by Matt Fraction

Thor #619
Refugees from the Nine Worlds arrive on Earth seeking protection from the Asgardians against the dark gods of the Tenth World, the World Eaters. Meanwhile Thor has resurrected two fallen Asgardians his half-brother Loki and his all-father Odin. Odin tells the story of the World Eaters beginning with a crack in the world that was discovered by his father Bor, his two brothers Vili and Ve, and himself. From the crack came a seed that became the World Tree that placed Asgard onto of the other eight worlds. The World Tree attracted the darkness due to its brightness. Both Balder the Brave and Tyr the God of War are the first line of defense against the World Eaters and they both fail.

Writer Matt Fraction presents a strained father-son relationship between Odin and Thor. Odin asks a legitimate question to Thor as to why he brought Loki back when he had everything he ever wanted. Terrific issue as the current arc will end and the series renames itself as Journey Into Mystery while Thor gets a new series starting with issue #1 called The Mighty Thor due to the upcoming movie.