Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spider-Man: Matters of Life and Death Premiere HC [2011] by Dan Slott

The second arc of the Big Time follows the subplot of the first as Alistair Smythe returns seeking revenge on J. Jonah Jameson for the death of his father. Smythe partners with another person also seeking revenge of the Jameson, Mac Gargan. Following the events of Siege, Mac Gargan is separated from his Venom symbiote and his body is rapidly deterioting. Smythe as the Spider-Slayer frees and heals Gargan by binding him with the Scorpion armor. Now both the Spider-Slayer and the Scorpion along will the full force of an insect army are ready to take on Mayor Jameson and his enhanced security. Their first target is the Andru Air Force Base for the scheduled launch of the new Vertex Shuttle by Colonel John Jameson Jr.

Dan Slott announced Amazing Spider-Man #655 “Is Now His Favorite” comic he has written in his entire career. Showcasing nearly 50 years of Spider-Man history in one comic from Amazing Fantasy to Big Time leading up to a promise that is reminiscent of the ending of House of M so instead of “No More Mutants” we get “No One Dies.”

- The Spider-Slayer takes over Andru Air Force Base and controls the Vertex Shuttle
- Smythe rigged the booster rockets to explode so Jameson watches his son perish
- Spider-Man attaches himself to the rockets only to be confronted by the Scorpion
- Doctor Octopus has another agenda for the Vertex Shuttle
- The New Avengers arrives giving assistance to Spidey
- Smythe sends his insect army to attack Jameson’s friends and family
- Peter runs into Max who wants to know about him and Spider-Man
- The Vertex arrives on the Horizon Space Lab along with Dr. Octopus’s bugs
- Peter detonates the disruptor device that shuts down his spider-sense
- Marla Jameson scarifices herself to save her husband J. Jonah Jameson's life
- Funeral for Marla begins as Peter faces a tour of victims killed as Spider-Man
- Peter faces the only person he has ever killed from Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine
- After facing all the innocent people killed Spider-Man promises “No One Dies”
- Spider-Man takes on the new villain Massacre with his new Spider Armor
- Peter and the Fantastic Four share stories about themselves with Johnny Storm

- Peter and Johnny Storm team-up to pull a prank on the Thing
- Susan Storm was arrested by turning the Frightful Four pants invisible
- Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, and Peter escape from a Supernova
- Johnny Storm last Will and Testament is to have Peter replace him on the team

- Capt. Flash Thompson becomes the new Venom working with the US Government
- Flash is unaware he is the second person becoming Venom after the first one died
- Flash Thompson goes on his first black ops mission as Venom

This hardcover collects
Amazing Spider-Man #652-657
Amazing Spider-Man #654.1