Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thor #621 [2011] by Matt Fraction

THOR #621
The World Eaters arrive and Odin summons the Asgardian Blood Legion to face off against them while he stands against their leader Uthana Thoth. The Quantum Cosmologist Dr, Eric Solvang suggests cutting the World Tree apart at the root to end the World-Storm with a sword that could cut through space and time. Thor severs the tree and traps the World Eaters within their space facing the last king of Asgard Balder the Brave and his companion the God of War Tyr.
This is the final issue of Thor before Matt Fraction relaunches the series as The Mighty Thor. A quick conclusion and ending that brought back Odin in a flash and resolved the World Eaters without any effort. Very disappointed with the recent writings of Matt Fraction lately after reading Stark Resilient story arc within the pages of the Invincible Iron Man. Fraction is heading up with 2011’s Marvel event Fear Itself announcing Odin is not the All-Father. I didn’t believe Odin was the All-Father when J. Michael Straczynski brought back Odin’s father Bor within his run on Thor. Much like what happened with Daredevil within Shadowland, Marvel seems to be playing it safe and keeping the status quo intact following the events of Dark Reign.