Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Action Comics #898 [2011]

Lex Luthor is examining the Black Lantern energy so he can harvest their power. Larfleeze arrives having one of his constructs Glomulus absorb one of the Black Lantern energy. After battling Larfleeze and teleporting him to Antarctica, Lex steals the Black Lantern energy when the Glomulus disappears. Now Lex is heading out into space to activate the Black Lantern energy existing in the spheres. However his Lois has been unknowingly controlled by Brainiac who is waiting in space for Lex to arrive.

British writer Paul Cornell adventure starring Lex Luthor is coming to an end with two more issues. The story seems a bit dragging as it only seems to be highlighting the guest stars within the Black Ring arc. However artist Pete Woods makes the issue worth while with his fantastic pencils and details with the pages of Action Comics. Without his contribution I certainly would not be interested reading each issue but waiting for the milestone of Action Comics #900 with the return of Superman.