Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fantastic Four #588 Final Issue [2011] by Jonathan Hickman

A month of mourning begins as Susan Storm returns to the Baxter Building to find out her brother has died. The Thing has a meeting with both Bruce Banner and Donald Blake who later transform into the Hulk and Thor to console him. Reed Richards measures the threat levels and what is necessary to defeat them as his father Nathaniel Richards returns home. Each member of the Fantastic Four mourns their own way including the two children Franklin and Val. Writer Jonathan Hickman prepares his new series FF as the war of the four cities begins, we find out what happened to all those Reed Richards from the alternative realities, and the revelation of the deal between Val and Doctor Doom. The 12th issue of FF will most likely return as Fantastic Four #600, Future Foundation #600, or FF #600.

DAY 1 – The Avengers and Susan Storm find out the fate of Johnny Storm
DAY 3 – Susan Storm mourns and shuts out her husband Reed Richards
DAY 4 – Reed confronts Annihilus who shows the torn uniform of Johnny Storm
DAY 5 – Wake of Johnny Storm attended by both the Avengers and the X-Men
DAY 6 – Coronation of Kristoff Vernard begins as Doctor Doom abdicates his throne
DAY 8 – Doctor Doom arrives and attends the funeral of Johnny Storm
DAY 14 – Franklin Richards and Spider-Man have a quiet chat about their uncles
DAY 20 – Val and the Future Foundation plan on killing Annihilus
DAY 26 – Bruce Banner and Donald Blake meet with the Thing
DAY 29 – Nathaniel Richards returns from the future