Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Avengers Volume 2 Premiere HC [2011] by Brian Michael Bendis

During Dark Reign Parker Robbins as the Hood was part of the Cabal with Norman Osborn. Robbins was leader of the Marvel criminal organizations and powered by the Stones of Norn thanks to Loki. Now powerless Robbins quest for power leads him to retrieve the hidden Infinity Gems from the Illuminati. He travels to the location of the former Inhuman City of Attilan to obtain the reality gem then travels to the Baxter Building to steal the power gem. Now holding both Infinity Gems, Robbins has attracted the attention of the Illuminati. Meanwhile Wonder Man has taken an Anti-Avengers stance due to the deaths of various Avengers including Wanda, Janet, Scott Lang, and the Jack of Hearts.

Series writer Brian Michael Bendis uses the story-telling technique of having new characters on the team to explain to the audience what is happening. Bendis puts the Bucky Barnes Captain America on the team to explain various other events and characters like Apocalyse during his first arc. Now he uses Medusa in the same role to explain who the Illuminati.

- Robbins using the power gem to punch the Red Hulk who runs to the Avengers
- Medusa of the Inhumans revealed to the Illuminati that Black Bolt is dead
- Steve Rogers and the Avengers confront Tony Stark and the Illuminati
- The Infinity Gems reach out to one another so its easier for someone to track them
- The Avengers decide to use the other Infinity Gems to fight off their assailant
- The Inhuman Ertizia built the containment that housed one of the Infinity Gems
- Robbins meets up with Ertzia in prison who revealed Black Blot’s secret of his gem
- Robbins uses the Infinity Gems restoring his girlfriend’s face (Madame Masque)
- Namor retrieves his Infinity Gem within sea along with Thor and Red Hulk
- Professor X retrieves his Infinity Gem within a Danger Room program
- Iron Man hides his Infinity Gem within Area 51 however the Hood got there first
- The Hood uses his Space, Reality, and Power Gems take on Thor, Namor, and Red Hulk
- The Red Hulk grabs hold on the Power Gem while Thor has the Time Gem
- Robbins retreats to the Danger Room to retrieve the Mind Gem before Professor X
- Robbins searches for the Soul Gem hidden by Dr. Strange however Thanos retrieves it first
- Thanos is revealed to be Dr. Strange using an illusion spell to fool Robbins
- Iron Man assembles the Infinity Gauntlet and puts Robbins back in prison
- Commander Steve Rogers welcomes the Red Hulk into the Avengers
- The Illuminati is secretly reassembled along with Commander Steve Rogers
- The New Illuminati each hide one of the Infinity Gems


- Spider-Woman is missing after investigating an unknown alien energy signature in Wakanda
- Commander Steve Rogers is introduced to Director Abigail Brand of S.W.O.R.D
- Secret Avengers member Beast reveals he is an agent of S.W.O.R.D
- Jessica Drew is captured by the Intelligencia who were masterminds behind World War Hulks
- The unknown alien energy signature is revealed as a spaceknight who transforms into Ultron
- Iron Man warns the other Avengers that Ultron will bring the human apocalypse
- The stage is for the upcoming Avengers story arc The Age of Ultron

This hardcover collects
Avengers #7-12
Avengers #12.1