Wednesday, April 27, 2011

X-Men: Age of X HC [2011]

Mutantkind’s final war is brought to you by series architect Mike Carey who describes his seven-part storyline Age of X as a mystery thriller set in a reality which the X-Men were never formed. Meaning all the threats handled by the X-Men were never fully fought and neutralized. The “X” in Age of X refers to an unknown person who is excluded from this timeline. Carey promises his repercussions to the current Marvel Universe. Centering on 3 distinct characters Magneto who is the General for the mutants, Rogue, and a new character called simply X.

Several teasers have been released including Henry McCoy beaten to death during the March for Purity rally in Washington, DC. After the Phoenix demolishes the city of Albany, the US government creates the Exonim Sentinels which are technologically-advanced combat vehicles designed to subdue mutants. Following their creation “The Decimation” began which was the period where the mutant population declined. The Fantastic Four have been arrested and betrayed by fellow member Susan Storm. The aftermath of the Decimation, the US government assembles the Avengers to track down the mutant threats. Magneto and his mutant team are pushed back into the last mutant sanctuary called Fortress X. It is the counter-part of Utopia in the Marvel 616 Universe.

The Age of X one-shot reveals the backstory of several characters including Basilisk, Cannonball, Husk, Wolverine, and Magneto. The governor of Alcatraz is the villain Arcade who used Basilisk (Scott Summers) as the weapon against death row mutants. Basilisk’s eyelids have been removed so he can’t shut his beams off. He manages to escape and kill Arcade as well. Sam and Paige Guthrie reunite and find their family slaughtered. Dr. Rao has found a cure for mutants and decides to metabolize it through Wolverine. The Coalition forces lead by Colonel Creed has got the Chrysler Building surrounded however Magneto arrives and elevates several buildings with the most steel into the New York sky. These buildings combined to become Fortress X.

- Fortress X is reinforced with a telekinetic force field wall
- Heather Hunter (Tempo) falls and Legacy (Rogue) absorbs her thoughts
- Logan can no longer pop his claws or else he will die
- Katherine Pryde has brought a camera back from outside the barrier walls
- X judges the prisoners within the brig to be too unstable to be around others
- Magneto imprisons the dangerous mutants within the brig of Fortress X
- Legacy absorbs the powers of Alpha Flight member Madison Jeffries to visit Pryde
- Legacy escapes Fortress X after talking to Pryde and Magneto orders her capture
- Gambit helps Legacy escape however Magneto crushes them under rubble
- Logan and Basilisk team-up to discover what is under the surface of Fortress X
- Magneto secretly meets up with both Legacy and Gambit under Fortress X
- X sets to undermine Magneto while he frees both Kitty Pryde and Professor X
- Moira tells David AKA Legion that all be destroyed and they will lose each other
- Magneto is relieved of command by the Legion and the Force Warriors
- Legacy and Gambit discover someone stole the universe and hid it within Fortress X
- Legion and the Force Warriors assume command of Fortress X
- Professor Charles Xavier reveals the origin of the Age of X
- A “Moira MacTaggart” psychic antibody within Legion created the Age of X
- The X-Men are trapped for the past seven days on an artificial world and come under attack
- Legion reabsorbs “Moira” while ending the nightmare of the Age of X
- The X-Men return to Utopia with their memories of their false lives still lingering

- General Frank Castle heads the Avengers to stop Magneto from forming Fortress X
- Weapon S is revealed to be the mutant Sabretooth and the Hulk smashes his skull
- Spider-man is captured by the Human Coalition as a pregnant Mary Jane escapes
- The Avengers infiltrate and attack Fortress X until they discover innocent children inside
- General Frank Castle sends the Hulk attached with a two megaton chemical bomb
- The Avengers protect and defend Fortress X against the Hulk until the bomb goes off
- Dazzler and several mutants are on the run under the sewers of Manhattan
- The top government bounty hunter Stephen Strange has been tracking and killing mutants
- Strange has been saving mutants by secretly teleporting them to Fortress X

This hardcover collects
Age of X Alpha #1
X-Men Legacy #245 – Part One
New Mutants #22 – Part Two
X-Men Legacy #246 – Part Three
New Mutants #23 – Part Four
X-Men Legacy #247 – Part Five
New Mutants #24 – Part Six
Age of X: Universe #1
Age of X: Universe #2