Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love TPB [2010]

Cinderella now called Cindy became the top spy under the former sheriff of Fabletown Bigby. Now she is under the new sheriff Beast of Beauty and the Beast. Cindy tracks down illegal trafficking of supernatural artifacts before they are exposed to the mundy world. Armed with a Geiger-ring to detect magical artifacts and a charm bracelet to summon her friends when she needs them, Cindy heads off to the Dubai to track down the magical artifacts and to stop whoever is behind the trafficking. 

Meanwhile back in Fabletown Crispin who works at Cindy’s Glass Slipper Shoes store decides he can run the store better. He sells magical shoes specifically designed to do what the wearer needs however the customers cannot take their shoes off. Now overwhelmed with a mob of dissatisfied customers, the new sheriff Beast arrives and tells Crispin to the remedy the matter.

- Cindy and Aladdin team-up to identity the trafficking assailants 
- Cindy uses her first charm to track down the assailants by summoning Jenny Wren
- Both Cindy and Aladdin are captured and place within an inescapable death trap
- Aladdin activates Cindy’s bracelet to summon Puss-in-Boots to escape their trap
- The 3 concubines were craving up an empire by trading arms for magic artifacts
- Cindy and Aladdin travel to the Fable Homeland of Ultima Thule to find the truth
- Enforcers carry mundy armaments to prohibit unlicensed magic artifacts 
- Aladdin is captured and taken to the Glass Palace while Cindy infiltrates as a maid
- While rescuing Aladdin, Cindy discovers her Fairy Godmother is behind everything
- Godmother’s magic runs out at midnight and Ultima Thule’s midnight is once a year
- Using her charm bracelet Cindy summons Dickory to turn the clock to midnight