Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thor #620 [2011] by Matt Fraction

THOR #620
The World Eaters are coming as the Asgardians are preparing to meet with them in battle with little preparation. Balder and Tyr are the first to fall while Odin faces off against Uthana Thoth as he summons his Blood Legion to face the World Eaters. The Quantum Cosmologist Dr. Eric Solvang suggests cutting the World Tree apart at the root to end the World-Storm with a sword that could cut through space and time.

Writer Matt Fraction brings his penultimate story arc of the World Eaters to a heighten level of suspense as the World Tree must be cut to find the invaders. The consequences of this action are unknown as Thor plays a major role in the upcoming Marvel event Fear Itself. Thor is taking center stage this year as the upcoming movie arrives in May and his appearance in the forthcoming Avengers film.