Thursday, April 10, 2014

TV Review: Suits [2011-2014]

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) takes walks into one of Manhattan’s top corporate law firms and impresses their top lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). Only one problem: Mike does not have a law degree. Series premiere on the USA Network on June 23, 2011.


Nazanin Boniadi (How I Met Your Mother)
Sharon Leal (Hellcats)
Tim Russ (Star Trek Voyager)

01 – Harvey Specter hires his new associate Mike Ross tackling a sexual harassment suit
02 – Louis uses Mike to secure a high profile client as Harvey deals with a Judge who mistreats him
03 – Harvey deals with an engine company while Mike hosts a dinner for rookies at the firm
04 – Harvey defends a pharmaceutical company while Mike deals with a housing case
05 – Harvey defends his driver from a lawsuit and Mike deals with a licensing deal for dolls
06 – Harvey and Mike defend a woman falsely accused of insider trading
07 – Harvey deals with a hotel merger while Mike deals with a mock trial at Person Hardman
08 Harvey deals with an embezzlement case while Mike heals a father and daughter relationship
09 – An undefeated Boston lawyer takes on Harvey while Mike fights to prove Rachel’s innocence
10 – Mike questions a fired executive who lied about his credentials
11 – Mike settles an estate between two daughters as Harvey deals with his former mentor
12 – Season Finale: Harvey frees an innocent man while Trevor causes problems for Mike


01 – Jessica finds out about Mike Ross as Daniel Hardman plans to return to the firm
02 – Daniel Hardman builds a power base at the firm while Harvey deals with a bankruptcy case
03 – Hardman works with Mike on a nursing case while causing tensions between Harvey
04 – Harvey deals with a fraud case against his client as well as his firm
05 – Donna reveals she has the missing document Harvey is accused of burying
06 – Harvey saves a $30 million dollar company after it was gambled away
07 – The firm holds a mock trial for Harvey with Louis and Mike fighting against him
08 – Flashback five years ago when Daniel Hardman was caught embezzling money from the firm
09 – Hardman buys Louis’s vote by making him senior partner and Mike’s grandma passes away
10 – Hardman wins then loses the firm after it was discovered he forged a document
11 – Harvey deals with a hit and run that ends with a death while the driver was high
12 – Clients are leaving the firm and Harvey forces Louis to leave
13 – Rachel’s father goes up against the firm while Louis takes on a new employee
14 – Hardman returns to go up against both Jessica and Harvey
15 – Rachel discovers she will not be getting into Harvard
16 – Season Finale: Harvey blocks a merger and Mike tells Rachel he never went to Harvard


01 – Mike tries to make amends to Harvey for betraying him
02 – Louis tries to recruit Mike however Harvey gets him back
03 – Harvey meets a fixer from the UK for cultural integration
04 – Louis makes a deal to kick out a CEO and retain the company
05 – Harvey gets his client reinstated as CEO and Rachel plans on Stamford
06 – Flashback where Harvey used to work for Cameron and Mike sold a test
07 – Louis creates a mock trail to get a cat he loves from a rival
08 – Harvey and Mike discovers who framed their client and the firm breaks up
09 – Harvey and Jessica decide to divide the assets between NY and London
10 – Harvey wants Scotty in his life and Jessica waives the Harvard rule
11 – Louis discovers Mike is lying about going to Harvard
12 – Harvey tries to cover up for Mike however Louis lets it go
13 – Harvey meets his match and Scotty fights back against Louis
14 – Louis has a heart attack and decides to get engaged
15 – Mike uses his contact to break himself into the New York Bar
16 – Season Finale: Mike leaves to be an investment banker