Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Superior Spider-Man: Goblin Nation TPB [2014] by Dan Slott

The Green Goblin launches an all-out attack on Spider-Island as Spider-Man retreats and J. Jonah Jameson brings in the Goblin Slayers. The Green Goblin targets Peter Parker’s family and friends including Doc Ock’s girlfriend Anna Maria who is picked up by Lily Hollister.

The Green Goblin destroys the history of Doc Ock including his home, inventions, and the place where he got his accident. The Green Goblin kidnaps Don Lamaze who sacrifices himself to save Doc Ock. Now the Goblin Slayers arrive to take down Spider-Man however Spider-Man 2099 arrives to assist and shuts down the Goblin Slayers. But Norman Osborn activates them and plans to destroy both Spider-Men.

Doc Ock is distracted as the city burns trying to save his girlfriend Anna Maria. Peter Parker comes back and the two compare one another. Peter is guilt-ridden so he self-sabotages himself while Doc Ock's arrogance leads him to overcompensate. Doc Ock realizes Peter is the Superior Spider-Man and erases himself from his memory so Peter can save his Anna Marie. Peter once again becomes Spider-Man!

After becoming the leader of the Dark Avengers and HAMMER, Osborn realizes his face is too recognizable to the world. Peter stops Norman Osborn who will change his face when it suits him. The Green Goblin is defeated and Peter makes amends to the people he loves including Aunt May, Mary Jane, and J. Jonah Jameson who resigned as the city of New York. The way is paved for the new Amazing Spider-Man as well as the new Spider-Man 2099 titles. 

This paperback collects
Superior Spider-Man #27-31
Superior Spider-Man Annual #2