Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Devil Comics Review | Locke & Key: Omega Ω [2012-2013] by Joe Hill



Dodge has possessed the body of Bode Locke who has the Omega Key to open the Black Door. The Black Door holds back the psychic parasites who are filled with hate and madness. Bode plans to open the door to release these creatures to our world. The real Bode is trapped in spirit form and only Rufus can see him. However Rufus is in a psychiatric hospital after attempting to choke Bode.

Rufus manages to escape while the kids go to the Drowning Cave after senior prom. Bode has plans for these kids who will be a sacrifice as the creatures he plans on releases inhibit their bodies. Tyler is accidently shot by the police while a cave-in prevents the kids from escaping the Drowning CaveTyler is placed in the Mending Cabinet by his mother. He meets his father who tells him keys turn both ways and he took the easy way out with Dodge.

Kinsey, Jamal, and Jordan are on the catwalk while Dodge took the other high schoolers to the Black Door. They are offered to save themselves however one person falls from the catwalk. Jordan chooses herself and falls over. 

The Locke family deal with criminals who have invaded their home however the mother remains calm and deals with the situation accordingly. One of the perpetrators is turned into a ghost, another one is eaten, and a rapist has a sex-change.

This hardcover collects
Locke & Key: Omega Ω #1-5
Locke & Key: Grindhouse #1