Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Green Arrow: The Kill Machine TPB [2013] by Jeff Lemire


Oliver Queen confronts Mr. Emerson who reveals his true birthright before being killed and pulled out of a window. Oliver uses his friends Jax and Naomi to track down the killer however they are unable to help as the building they are in blow up. Oliver puts on his Green Arrow gear however he is tracked my Emerson’s killer Komodo. Just as Komodo is about to kill Oliver, Magnus shows up and reveals to Green Arrow he was never supposed to leave the island when he was ship wreaked. 

Magnus gives Oliver a note to go the Black Mesa, Arizona but to go back to Emerson’s office after being wanted for murder. Komodo is Mr. Lacroix who is secretly planning to take over Queen Industries cheaply following the death of Emerson. Green Arrow finds backup within his ex-employee Henry Fyff.

Green Arrow discovers that both his father and Emerson along with his murder were on the island before his arrival. The police arrive at Queen Industries and Green Arrow attempts his escape however Komodo arrives and severs his line letting him fall to his death. However Green Arrow survives and fights Komodo until her daughter shows up. He retreats into a waste shoot and passes out as Fyff picks him up. 

Green Arrow finds out Naomi is alive and rescues her with Henry. Green Arrow deals with Komodo by sticking an arrow into his eye however he gets away. Oliver searches for Magnus for answers of why his father and Emerson were on the island and if Komodo killed his father. Oliver discovers the island was home for the Outsiders which consisted of 7 clans forming around the totem for weapons: arrow, spear, fist, shield, sword, axe, and a lost weapon. Now Oliver must track down the Outsiders and Komodo but first he must go to Vlatava. 

This trade paperback collects
Green Arrow #17-21