Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Superman: H'el on Earth HC [2013]



Clark Kent quits the Daily Planet and prepares as he joins Cat Grant on a new venture. Shortly afterwards Superman deals and kills an indigenous creature from Krypton promptly Supergirl to confront him of the existence of their home planet.

Supergirl discovers her mother shot her father while he was experimenting on her. She discovers her own Fortress of Solitude left by her late father and uses it to deal with Tycho. Supergirl heads out and confronts Superman as he is dealing with a indigenous creature from Krypton.

Meanwhile H’EL the lost child of Krypton has taken Superboy and convinces Supergirl to go back and save Krypton become its destruction. Supergirl wants to talk to Superman before making any decisions so H’EL transports him to Clark’s apartment. Later Superman meets H’EL who is ready to snap Superboy’s neck. 


Superman stops him however H’EL attacks Supergirl by manipulating his appearance to look like Superman so she will allied herself with him leaving Superman to seek the help of Lex Luthor. He reveals H’EL will collapse the solar system to create enough energy to travel back in time to save Krypton. Superman leaves and summons the Justice League to take back the Fortress of Solitude from H’EL and stop him from destroying Earth. 

- Superman saves Superboy by giving him his armor suit as H’EL arrives
- Supergirl enters Kandor and retrieves a Quantum Crystal for H’EL
- The Justice League and Superboy break through the Fortress of Solitude’s shields
- Both Superman and Superboy get teleported through a series of pocket dimensions
- The Herald of the Oracle awakens and claims the Earth shall die
- The Flash manages to vibrate through the Fortress of Solitude however encounters Supergirl
- The Flash uses Superman’s armory to stop Supergirl as the Oracle heads towards Earth
- The Star Chamber is activated, the Oracle arrives, Wonder Woman and Supergirl fight
- Supergirl stops H’EL by plunging Kryptonite into his chest as he travels back to Krypton’s past
- Jor-EL finds H’EL in the past before the destruction of Krypton

Both Superman and Superboy are teleported into another dimension. Meanwhile H’EL and Supergirl attempt to drain the Sun’s energy so they will have enough power to teleport them back through space and time to save Krypton. Superman and Superboy return back to Earth from the pocket dimension after a few days but it has been minutes in the New 52 Universe.  



Overall the battle is between the Superman family and H’EL who eventually ends back into Krypton’s past. The story will eventually continue later in the year as the consequences of the story plays out. In Superman #0, it is shown that Superman ends up back in Krypton’s past in a black suit. The story could have better executed as it leaves us hanging for another crossover later in the year.

This hardcover collects
Superman #0 (2011)
Superman #13-#17
Superboy #13-#17
Supergirl #13-#17
Superboy Annual #1