Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Justice League of America: Throne of Atlantis HC [2013] by Geoff Johns



Aquaman visits his brother the Orm to see if he is behind the recent theft of Atlantean artifacts and plans on attacking the surface world. Meanwhile someone has released the Trench. An aircraft carrier launches missiles which hit Atlantis provoking them to attack. Both Superman and Woman catch an aircraft carrier from destroying Metroplis as Orm attacks the surface world. The Justice League wants to bring Orm in but his older brother Aquaman defends him.

The story had little impact as it placed Aquaman as King of Atlantis and leaving the Justice League one member short. Amanda Waller is seen to assemble a new Justice League while Batman opens their ranks.

- The Justice League takes on both Orm and Aquaman but faces the Atlanteans
- Orm defeats the Justice League and takes them under water
- Cyborg calls on reinforcements to help the Justice League
- Dr. Morrow wants to activate the Tornado while Cyborg wants his lungs removed
- The Trench is attack Orm and his army and the real villain is revealed: Vulko
- Vulko the former advisor to the Throne of Atlantis wants revenge for being exiled
- Orm prepares to flood Boston however Zatanna converts the water to ice
- Aquaman takes the crown from Orm to become the King of Atlantis
- Both Atlanteans and the Justice League combine to stop the Trench
- Aquaman uses the Scepter of the Dead King to send the Trench home
- Aquaman casts Orm out to the surface world to face charges for his crimes
- Aquaman leaves the Justice League for Atlantis while Batman opens ranks within
- Aquaman speaks with Amanda Waller about missing Atlantean weapons
- In Antarctica, an enemy awakens leading to the next story arc Death of a King

This hardcover collects
Aquaman #14-17
Justice League #15- 17