Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Morning Glories Vol.4: Truants TPB [2013] by Nick Spencer

In the past Georgina and Lara are sisters and a girl named Vanessa who is sent from the future by an adult Lara. However Lara kills Vanessa to prove her love to her father.

Four years ago six students are called the Truants which include Guillaume, Vanessa, Fortunato, Akiko, Ian, and Irina are sent to save their spiritual leader Abraham. Two years ago these students went through the same trails as the present students of the Morning Glory Academy. Irina shot the father of Georgina and Lara.

In the present Irina shot Zoe and injures Hunter as the group joins Jun’s former classmates. Jun’s former classmates lead Hunter to the tower where Jun’s brother is conducting a sacrificial ceremony. Hunter is shot by Irina and runs into a future Jade while the ghost monster named David kills Jun’s twin brother.

Irina is desperate to set things right and wants to kill the son of Abraham, Ike. Sixteen years ago Abraham leaves his son and travels with Reginald. In the present Reginald interrogates Ike and asks him where the students from Woodrun are. Reginald threatens to kill Jade unless he kills his father. As soon as Ike sees his father he shoots Reginald and the guards while pointing a gun at Jade demanding an explanation from his father.

The first season of Morning Glories ends with issue #25. The 25th issue had less answers than the past 24. Some mysteries should end while others continue to evolve the story. I really wish I had not invested in the story in the first place. It seems all the story does it prolong the series further without adequate explanation of what has happened in the past. Nick Spencer has a ridiculous story that is so convoluted that the first 25 issues of the story is a mix mass of crap. 

This trade paperback collects
Morning Glories #20-25