Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2 Guns: Second Shot Deluxe Edition [2007]



Manny Greco walked and placed $50,000 into the bank account of DEA Agent Robert Trench. He goes undercover as Bobby Beans and robs a bank with drug money belonging to Manny Greco. Mark Stigman is his accomplice who shoots him and takes the money to Naval Intelligence Commander Dixon.

After finding out Mark didn’t kill Bobby Beans, Dixon and Mr. Quince try to kill him however he gets away. Trench is trying to find Mark and both end up in a gun fight at the DEA office. Unknown to Trench, DEA Agent Deb Karnes’ boyfriend is Mr. Quince.

Trench kidnaps Manny and discovers the money stolen from the bank is not his. He heads to Agent Karnes home and discovers the money is CIA. While laying low at a motel, Mr. Quince arrives to kill Bobby Trench as both the CIA and Mark arrives. Trench learns Mr. Quince is CIA and Mark explains what has happened before being surrounded by Manny Greco and his crew.

They are kidnapped to Mexico where Mark makes a deal to buy them forgiveness. Mark and Trench are sneaked back to the US by Manny and they discover that Manny has kidnapped Deb who is being held hostage. Both Mark and Trench sneak into Dixon’s home however the money is not there and Dixon is scheduled to head to Singapore. Mark is captured while Trench is on the run and hooks up with the CIA to rescue Deb.

In Mexico Manny and his men are shot dead as Trench and the CIA arrive. They discover Deb is behind it and hold her hostage until Quince arrives with the money. Deb discovers Quince killed her father so he kills her while both Marcus and Trench take care of Quince. Steven Grant is the most underrated writer of the 80s providing and defining the Punisher. Currently he is working on the sequel for Boom! Studios 3 Guns.

This trade paperback collects
2 Guns (2007) #1-5