Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Transformers: Monstrosity TPB [2013]



The Dynobots are trying to get off-world and stealing credits by stealing Energon. Meanwhile Scorponok who is now the leader of the Decepticons throws a wounded Megatron onto the Death-World of Junkion. Megatron rebuilds himself on the planet and finds a Quintessenton to guide him as his slave. Back on Cybertron Scorponok plans on stealing Energon from the same place as the Dynobots. Grimlock triggers the alarm which summons the Autobot Sky Lynx.

Optimus Prime is trying to unite the Cybertronians and deals with both Scorponok and the Decepticons as well as the Dynobots. Scorponok deactivates the regulator to the refinery where he was about to steal the Energon. Following the destruction a mass exodus of Cybertron begins to find more Energon. Meanwhile Megatron deals with the Sharkitcons and attempts to get off Junkion.

Jetfire and the Autobots explore the remnants of the refinery to find survivors. The team finds raw liquid Energon. They discover the raw liquid Energon overwhelms their inhibitors reducing them into a primal state.



- The origin of the Dynobots is told as they lost one of their own, Skar
- Jetfire and the Autobots discover Trypticon
- Megatron deals with the Terrorcons and take them with him to deal with Scorponok
- Optimus Prime decides what to do with Trypticon who is blocking the way to Energon
- The Decepticons attack as the Dynobots release their rage
- Trypticon is released by Scorponok as Optimus Prime asks Metroplex to help
- Metroplex cannot assume his true form due to the lack of Energon
- Scorponok is fed to the Terrorcons after Megatron deals with him
- Megatron arrives and both he and Grimlock are consumed by Trypticon
- Megatron and Grimlock fight Trypticon from within by destroying his resources
- The Autobots leave with the body of Optimus as Megatron takes Trypticon’s power source

This trade paperback collects
Transformers: Monstrosity #1-12