Wednesday, May 13, 2015

TV Review: Arrow Season 1, 2, and 3 [2012-2015]


ARROW [2012-2015]
Billionaire Oliver Queen returns having being lost on an island and returns to Starling City. Before his father died, Queen is given a list of people who rule the city through intimation and fear. His wealth was built on the suffering of others. Queen assumes the identity of Arrow who brings justice to the corrupt city. Warner Bros. is attempting to replicate the success of Smallville which lasted for 10 seasons from 2001 to 2011.

01 – Oliver Queen returns and assumes the role of Arrow
02 – Queen protects Lance who is targeted by the Chinese Triad
03 – Queen uses the Russian mob to track down Deadshot
04 – Queen rescues an innocent man from a death sentence
05 – Queen is arrested for being Arrow and Deathstroke is introduced
06 – Arrow takes on the Royal Flush Gang
07 – Queen is planning on going undercover in the mob and takes on the Huntress
08 – Arrow trains the Huntress as war with the Chinese Triad erupts
09 – Queen tracks down a copy cat archer who murders as Walter is kidnapped
10 – Arrow takes on Firefly who is an ex-fireman seeking revenge
11 – Arrow takes on an ex-military unit who is robbing armored vehicles
12 – Queen takes on the drug lord responsible for Vertigo pills
13 – Queen meets Wilson Slade who trains him on the island
14 – Arrow goes against his own mother and suffers the consequences
15 – Roy Harper is introduced while Queen goes on a date
16 – Queen’s mom puts a hit out on the person who kidnapped her husband
17 – The Huntress returns and exhorts Arrow to help assassinate her father
18 – A kidnapper becomes both jury and executioner to Roy Harper
19 – Arrow deals the a new dealer for Vertigo
20 – Arrow tracks down an assassin who killed the parents of a little boy
21 - Arrow discovers where Walter is kept and his mother’s involvement
22 – Oliver is tracking down the Undertaking and the Dark Archer Merlyn
23 – Season Finale: Arrow takes on Merlyn and loses his friend Tommy

01 – Oliver rescues his sister who is kidnapped by wannabe vigilantes
02 – Green Arrow and Black Canary team up for the first time against China White
03 – Green Arrow and Quentin Lance rescues his daughter Laurel who is kidnapped
04 – Green Arrow and Black Canary deal with gun runners
05 – Sara reveals herself to her father as she is being hunted by the League of Assassins
06 – Oliver helps break out Diggle’s wife from a Russian Gulag
07 – Oliver’s mother is acquitted by Malcolm Merlyn who returns claiming Thea as his daughter
08 – Barry Allen makes his debut as Oliver takes down a superpowered human
09 – Wilson Slade targets Oliver Queen and Barry Allen becomes the Flash
10 – Oliver Queen takes care of a bomber as Roy’s strength grows
11 – Mayor Blood kills his mother and frames Laurel into becoming a drug addict
12 – Bronze Tiger steals the earthquake device while Oliver trains Roy
13 – Oliver Queen takes on the daughter of Ras Al Ghul to save Sara
14 – Green Arrow takes on the Clock King as Slade Wilson pays a visit
15 – Oliver takes on Professor Ivo while Slade spies on the Queen family in the present
16 – Diggle and the Suicide Squad team-up as Oliver discovers Deathstroke
17 – The Huntress targets her father and faces off with the Black Canary face
18 – Slade kidnaps Thea, Oliver loses his company, and Officer Lance is arrested
19 – Slade revealed to Laurel that Oliver is the Arrow 
20 – Slade kills Moira Queen who sacrifices herself for Thea 
21 – Arrow takes on Blood and his army of Deathstrokes
22 – The Dark Archer returns to save his daughter Thea
23 - Season Finale: Deathstroke is defeated with the help from the League of Assassin returns

01 – Count Vertigo targets the Arrow and both the Atom and Katana are introduced as Sara is killed
02 – Oliver tracks down the rogue archer Komodo as Merlyn teaches Thea to fight
03 – Oliver and Diggle travel to Corto Maltese for A.R.G.U.S and to bring back Thea
04 – Nysaa Al Ghul helps Oliver track down Malcolm Merlin who did not kill Sara
05 – The secret origin of Felicity is revealed as she deals with a cyber virus in the present
06 - Ted Grant is framed for murder and Roy reveals he killed Sara 
07 – Green Arrow is stalked by a woman named Cupid who was rescued by him previously
08 – Green Arrow teams up with the Flash to take down Captain Boomerang
09 - Oliver meets Ra's Al Ghul and the identity of Sara's killer is revealed
10 – Oliver Queen returns to life as the new Black Canary debuts
11 – Team Arrow takes on Brick as Ra’s Al Ghul targets both Merlyn and Thea
12 – Brick has taken over the Glades and Team Arrow strikes back as Oliver returns
13 – Oliver reveals he is the Arrow to Thea as both of them travel to the island
14 – Oliver and Thea take on Deathstroke on the island to prepare for their battle with Ra’s Al Ghul
15 – Oliver and Diggle attempt to save Merlyn from Ra’s Al Ghul in Nanda Parbat
16 – Ra’s Al Ghul makes Oliver Queen and offer to become the next Ra’s Al Ghul
17 – The Suicide Squad rescues a US Senator as Ray Palmer discovers who is the Arrow
18 – Lance discovers the identity of the Arrow as Roy Harper surrenders himself to save Oliver     
19 – Roy Harper is in jail as Arrow and the Atom team up against Deathbolt
20 – Oliver submits to become the new Ra's Al Ghul so he can use the Lazarus Pit to heal Thea
21 - Oliver kidnaps Diggle's wife in exchange for Nysaa Al Ghul the Daughter of the Demon
22 - Team Arrow unites with Katana and the Atom to save Starling City from a plague
23 - Oliver and Team Arrow stop Ras Al Ghul from unleashing a virus on Starling City