Wednesday, May 13, 2015

G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra [2015] by Mike Costa | Paolo Villanelli


The new Snake Eyes limited series sees one of our favorite G.I. Joe characters working for Cobra. Snake Eyes returns after being presumed dead and rescues Destro from his imprisonment. They reunite with Cobra and later Destro has a mission for Snake Eyes which involves him tracking down the son of the original Cobra Commander, Billy. Next issue will see Snake Eyes rival Storm Shadow enter the fray. The issue had twenty pages of story with five pages devoted to Destro’s childhood which need not be relevant to the main story. Chameleon is targeted by Storm Shadow’s Arashikage ninja clan as Snake Eyes protects her. Storm Shadow is after Cobra Commander’s son Billy and he tracks him to Thailand where he is protected by Ronin. 

Storm Shadow and Ronin battle it out ending with her death as Snake Eyes arrives on the scene. Both of them battle one another until Snake Eyes survives the encounter. Chameleon takes Billy who had all the accounts of Cobra Commander inside his leg. Snake Eyes gives Destro false accounts revealing he is still a Joe. The series could have been better if the reason why Destro and Storm Shadow wanted Billy was revealed in the first place because it would show what the stakes are and raised the tension of the overall series.