Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Forever Evil HC [2013-2014] by Geoff Johns | David Finch



Following on the heels of Trinity War, Pandora’s Box stands to be revealed as a portal between worlds. The villains of Earth 3 the Crime Syndicate have arrived to take over the Earth and proclaiming the Justice League and uniting the villains of the DC Universe. It begins as Lex Luthor tries to buy Kord Industries from Thomas Kord who is later killed in a helicopter crash due to Ultraman. Luthor discovers Ultraman inhales Kryptonite to get his powers and darkness as he blocks out the sun with the moon.

The villains of the DC Universe are assembled as Nightwing is captured and his identity is revealed to the world. Ultraman promises anyone who opposes them with kill them as well as their families. Meanwhile Superwoman is having Owlman’s child not Ultraman’s, while Luthor releases Bizarro a clone of Superman into the world. Johnny Quick takes care of the Teen Titans by sending them into the future. Batman and Catwoman arrive at STAR Labs with the body of Vic Stone the Cyborg. 

Batman and Catwoman escaped the Crime Syndicate with the remains of the Cyborg while the rest of the Justice League was merged with Firestorm. Lex Luthor and Bizarro track Ultraman who is battling Black Adam and discovers Ultraman is staying out of the Sunlight. Meanwhile Power Ring and Deathstorm take on the Rogues in Central City. Deathstorm separates Captain Cold’s DNA leaving him powerless. Captain Cold unites with Lex Luthor and Bizarro along with Black Manta and Black Adam. 

Batman reveals his Batcave to Catwoman and his contingency plans that were meant for the Justice League will now be used against the Crime Syndicate. Luthor reviles Black Adam after his fight to Ultraman.

Ultraman rips out Metallo’s Kryptonite heart to fuel himself. Superwoman arrives and warns him that Owlman is building his own team along with Nightwing. Ultraman asks Deathstorm to make Firestorm transmute elements into Kryptonite while Power Ring deals with Captain Cold.

Both Luthor and Batman head to Wayne Enterprises confronted by Deathstroke and Power Ring. Batman puts on a Yellow Ring however Power Ring gains the upper hand and destroys it before Sinestro arrives to challenge him. Lex Luthor leads his Injustice League against the followers of the Crime Syndicate. Deathstroke changes sides and takes out Copperhead while Sinestro returns and destroys Power Ring the Green Lantern of the Crime Syndicate. Meanwhile the Crime Syndicate discover the creature which destroyed their world arrives on Earth.

Lex Luthor and Batman along with the other villains head to the fallen watchtower to retrieve Nightwing who is strapped to a bomb. The bomb can be stopped at the expense of Nightwing. Mantra kills Alfred as the Crime Syndicate arrives. Lex Luthor disables the bomb as Nightwing is dying. Captain Cold takes out Johnny Quick as the mysterious hostage is revealed to be Alexander Luthor who is Earth 3’s Mazahs (the opposite of Shazam). Mazahs promises to kill everyone and be this world’s only hero by absorbing their powers

Lex Luthor saves Richard Grayson and stops the bomb. Superwoman reveals to Ultraman that her unborn child is Alexander Luthor’s who takes down Deathstorm so he can absorb his powers. Alexander Luthor attacks Lex’s team of super-villains. Bizarro sacrifices himself for Lex who gets revenge by killing Alexander. As the Justice League returns Lex saves Superman and knows the identity of Batman. The final reveal is the creature that destroyed Earth 3 is the Anti-Monitor and the stage is set for the 30th Anniversary of Crisis of Infinite Earths in 2015.

This hardcover collects
Forever Evil #1-7