Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Green Arrow: The Outsiders War TPB [2014]

Shado convinces Oliver to head back to the island which is the home of the Arrow Clan to retrieve the Totem Arrow to use as leverage against the Outsiders to get her daughter back, Emiko. Now the Outsiders have sent the Shield clan to deal with both Oliver and Shado. Meanwhile Magus gathers the rogue members of the clans including Katana.

Shado tells Oliver’s origin on the island and how he was put there to be trained. He also discovers he was put there by his own father who is still alive. Together they deal with Kodiak who is a member of the Shield Clan. In Prague Komodo takes over the Outsiders as Green Arrow arrives to confront him. Oliver is shot through the head with an arrow by Komodo.

The dead Oliver is really the immortal Magus who joins the real Oliver, his father, and Shado. They are joined by the Axe, Sword, and Mask Clans. The showdown begins and Oliver’s father is shot through the heart to save his daughter Emiko. Oliver tracks down Komodo who is shot by Emiko. Oliver walks away from Magus, Shado, Emiko, and the Outsiders to return home. In Seattle Richard Dragon breaks Count Vertigo out of prison and assembles Brick, Killer Moth, and Red Dart to take the city. 

This hardcover collects
Green Arrow #25-31