Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Star Trek: The Khitomer Conflict TPB [2013]


Following Star Trek Into Darkness, Section 31 has been laying the groundwork between the war between the Romulans and the Klingons. The Romulans launch an attack against the Klingons on Khitomer. Captain Kirk brings Sulu’s sister Yuki onboard for their 5-Year Mission as they receive a distress call from the Klingons. The weapons the Romulans are using against the Klingons are from Section 31.

The Enterprise head to Khitomer as Captain Kirk beams down as the Klingons arrive in Narada ships. Kirk is captured by the Klingons while Commander Spock retreats and regroups. The Klingon Empire has divided their fleet while Kronos is left unprotected as the Romulans and Section 31 launch their attack.

The Enterprise heads to Kronos and rescues Kirk who realizes that Section 31 is going to plant Red Matter on the Klingon Homeworld. Their efforts are stopped as they discover Sulu’s sister Yuki is a member of Section 31 as she beans down to Kronos. Yuki lost her best friend when Vulcan was destroyed and does not want Earth to suffer the same fate. She plans on using the Red Matter to destroy Kronos. Thanks to Kirk talking her out of it – the Klingon homeworld is spared.

Section 31 saves the Enterprise and destroys the Romulan fleet. Now both the Klingons and the Romulan fleets are in ruins while the Federation remains strong. Yuki returns to Section 31 as the Enterprise continues on their 5-year mission. 

This paperback collects
Star Trek #25-28