Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Marvel Comics Infinity Premiere HC [2013] by Jonathan Hickman

The first issue of Infinity is released as Marvel prepares for the aftermath of Inhumanity. The Builders are heading to Earth as the Avengers meet them head on in space as Thanos strikes Earth. The event ends in November where the Terrigen Mists are released and Inhumanity begins in December. The profile of the Inhumans is raised as the House of Black Bolt crumbles into different houses like the ones on the Game of Thrones.

Corvus Glaive arrives to Attilan to ask the Inhumans for tribute for Thanos which involves the heads of Inhumans between 16 and 22. The Avengers face the builders and Black Bolt calls on the Illuminati. Black Bolt reveals Thanos wants the deaths as a tribute to kill one person – his son. During Thanos Rising, Thanos killed all of his offsprings to please Death however one exists on Earth.

Thanos arrives to Attilan to demand the head of his son which Black Bolt refuses by destroying the city. Global Terrigenesis occurs across the Earth revealing the Inhumans. Terrigenesis reveals who you truly are and the son of Thanos becomes clear. The Avengers send Thor to negotiate with a Builder who he kills with his hammer. Now the final battle with the builders begins.

On Earth Thanos has imprisoned Black Bolt and has captured his son Thane. Now he has a super bomb to destory the Earth. However the Avengers are aware of the situation and after defeating the builders they travel back to Earth with the Skrulls, Kree, and the Shi'ar Empire in tow. 

Thanos has control of the bombs on Earth however he is defeated by his own son Thane who imprisons his father in a living death and is held by the Illuminati. Overall the Terrigen Mists were released and the world is surrounded by humans, mutants, and inhumans. The diversity of the Marvel Universe is increased however the story telling by Jonathan Hickman did little to hold my interest. 

This hardcover collects
Infinity (2013) #1-6