Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Superman: Krypton Returns HC [2013]

According to writer Scott Lobdell, H’El was originally going to be the New 52 Bizarro. Following the end of H’El on Earth, H’El is transported back to Krypton and kills Jor-El in Superman #23.3: H’El. Now the New 52 Oracle brings together Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy reveals the origins of H’El and how he was able to move through space and time to resurrect Krypton. They met Faora who tells them she was chosen by Oracle after General Zod was murdered. Krypton lives in the present however its spirit is gone forever. Faora tells Superman the only way to stop H’El from enslaving Krypton is to travel back in time and reality where the nightmare began and allow Krypton to follow its original destiny.

Each must travel back to different periods of Krypton’s past with three specific missions. Supergirl must stop the clones in the past however deals with H'El. Superboy must make sure Supergirl leaves Krypton however confronts with the Eradicator who makes his way to present day Smallville, and Superman must stop H’El.

Superman meets his father Jor-El from an alternative universe H'El created. Superman and Jor-El travel to Krypton's core and confront H'El who kills Jor-El. Superboy sends one of Krypton's city into orbit before its destruction however he sacrifices himself in the process. Superman and Supergirl return home leaving Krypton lost somewhere in the universe. 

This hardcover collects
Superman (2011) #23.3: H’El
Action Comics Annual #2
Superman (2011) #25
Superboy (2011) #25
Supergirl (2011) #25