Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Batman - Detective Comics: Gothtopia HC [2014]


Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Batman this extra-sized Detective Comics (2011) #27 brings together the most talented writers and artists to showcase the reinterpretations of Batman throughout the ages and kicks off Gothtopia. Top writers include Brad Meltzer, John Layman, and Scott Snyder each telling the past, present, and future of the Dark Knight. Gothopia begins as Batman is stuck in another reality where he is married to Selina Kyle AKA Catbird. Realizing it was an illusion Batman allows himself to be captured. Now captured and sent to the Crane Center, Batman is at the mercy of the villains he once hunted.

Batman teams up with Poison Ivy and discovers Scarecrow is conducting fear experiments on Gotham. Scarecrow removes the everyday fear so only to subject them with the purest form of fear. Now while trying to escape with Ivy, Batman faces Scarecrows who has turned his Bat Family against him. 

Scarecrow threatens to kill his friends unless Batman submits to him. However Batman is not under the Scarecrow’s control but needs to play along to find out his plans for Gotham. Batman discovers by having people live in utopia and scaring them, you will get a pure fear toxin for expanding outside of Gotham. Batman reverses the fear toxin and fears everyone from Scarecrow.