Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Batman / Superman Annual #1 [2014]

After Batman and Superman defeat Mongul and sentence him to the Phantom Zone, the son of Mongul Jochi arrives and promises to destroy everything they love unless they bring the Batman and Superman families to him. Batman gathers the Red Hood and Batgirl as Superman brings Steel, Supergirl, and Krypto. Jochi enters into a tournament to decide who will lead Warworld until Batman accepts him into the Batman Clan. Now the heroes fight their way through the tournament to protect Earth with Jochi. Now both the Superman and Batman family face each other in the final round of the tournament for the safety of Earth. 

The final battle brings Warworld into the Phantom Zone where Mongul is imprisoned. After discovering his son destroyed his Warworld and his army, Mongul murders him. Superman reflects on how Jochi changed and whether if they had enough time Superboy could do the same. However Batman after losing his son tells him not to think about it.