Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Earth 2: The Kryptonian Volume 5 HC [2014] by Tom Taylor | Nicola Scott

Superman tames the World Army in two days and burns Atom’s arm off. The final fallback is Amazonia the former home of the Amazons. Superman destroys Project Beyond which is a space ark and discovers Terry Sloan was hiding a Kryptonian Val-Zod. Superman finds Val-Zod however encounters the Red Tornado, his beloved Lois Lane

Lois confronts Superman who takes her to Smallville however he orders and attack on the Batcave.  The Parademons attack however Batman orders the self-destruction button. Green Lantern Alan Scott and Hawkgirl stay behind as the explosion goes off. Green Lantern traps two Parademons within his shield so when he lets them go he and Hawkgirl and follow them to the Flash. They rescue the Flash and escape and Val-Zod accepts his destiny as the new Superman. 

Alan Scott, Hawkgirl, and Flash escape as Queen Marella and her Atlantean forces takes out the Parademon army. In Smallville Superman, Lois, Martha, and Jonathan Kent enjoy dinner until Jonathan speaks up against Darkseid. Superman uses his Omega beams against his own father. Darkseid plans to take the Earth and the heroes head to Switzerland to stop it. Dr. Fate shows Val-Zod his fate and he decides to stop Superman in space as Alan Scott holds the world. 

Batman and Queen Marella defeat Bedlam and stop the world from going through the Boom Tube. Meanwhile Val-Zod stops Superman who turns out to be a Bizarro instead of the real Superman. Bedlam plans on taking the Earth for Darkseid since Apokolips is dying. Tom Taylor really brought everything together within the final pages giving the story arc an impact and a new status quo before Earth 2: World's End

This trade paperback collects
Earth 2 #21-26