Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Batman: Eternal Volume 1 TPB [2014]

The story as a flash forward in Batman (2011) #28 when both Batman and Harper Row. Harper is now known as Bluebird and she teams up with Batman to deal with the new Gotham underworld boss Selina Kyle who is currently holding Stephanie Brown. The Eternal series is meant to be a year-long event to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman. The first issue begins as someone knows the identity of Batman and has Bruce Wayne watch as Gotham burns and Commissioner James Gordon is arrested for allowing two subway cars collide by pursuing a suspect.  

Lieutenant Jason Bard arrives to Gotham and takes up Gordon’s old beat. Jim Corrigan investigates the crime scene as unknown forces move into Gotham including Deacon Blackfire and Carmine Falcone. Batman pays the Penguin who first drove Falcone out of Gotham 5 years ago that he is back a visit. Jack Forbes becomes the new Commissioner of Gotham and he is using the Gotham PD to hunt Batman to drive the attention away from Falcone who is making his play in the criminal underworld. Meanwhile Stephanie Brown stumbles on her father, the Cluemaster, who is holding a secret meeting of villains.

Gordon is taken to Blackgate Prison where Wrath and Emperor Penguin resides. Someone has infected children with nanobots. The Penguin’s Iceberg Casino is destroyed and the GCPD is hunting Batman who heads to Hong Kong to find out what Carmine Falcone has been up to there before returning to Gotham. Batman discovers Falcone has a Hong Kong operation. While in Hong Kong Batman finds Julia Pennyworth. 

Professor Pyg holds Carmine Falcone hostage along with Catwoman however Batman interrupts his plans. Catwoman explains that Falcone is taking advantage of an upcoming situation and he is not THE enemy Batman needs to deal with. The origin of the Cluemaster is revealed. James Gordon discovers his son is alive. 

Lieutenant Bard convinces the Mayor that he, Bullock, and Maggie Sawyer are going after Batman’s tech. But instead they go after Falcone’s men and operation with reporter Vicki Vale of the Gotham Gazette tagging along to print the news. Bard and Vale discover both the Mayor and Falcone are working together. Meanwhile Robin heads to Japan to find ex-KGB Sergei Alexandrov who maybe behind the nanobots affecting GothamLater Bard finally ends the gang war between the Penguin and Falcone by arresting them.

The Joker’s Daughter has the Scarecrow hostage at Arkham Asylum. The Joker’s Daughter has the Scarecrow hostage at Arkham Asylum. Batwing and Jim Corrigan visit Arkham Asylum and get ambushed by Mr. Bygone and the Joker’s Daughter. Batwing and Corrigan break free only to find themselves at the mercy of Deacon Blackfire. Meanwhile Batman, Bard, and Killer Croc search for a missing girl in the sewers while the Red Hood finds evidence to save James Gordon and the Spoiler makes her debut.

The problem with a weekly series is that it loses momentum as the series progresses forward. This is why Batman: Endgame which takes place following Batman Eternal is released the 6 months before it ends. It makes the reader want to read the weekly series and discover how things turned up the way they did. 

This paperback collects
Batman: Eternal #1-20