Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Marvel Comics Original Sin HC [2014] by Jason Aaron & Mike Deodato

The 2014 event promises big revelations as we learn Johnny Storm took away the Thing’s only hope of a cure as well as another Spider-Man/Spider-Woman secretly lurking around in the Marvel Universe. It promises to give fresh eyes on the Marvel Universe and deepen its mythology of each character. Deathlok is promised to receive a series following the event after his presence on Agents of SHIELD. The event also promises another major death after the Watcher, Iron and the Hulk’s origins are tied together, and the Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier.

Original Sin #0 is written by Mark Waid before it is passed to Jason Aaron. It begins as the new Nova Sam Alexander stops a giant robot and afterwards gives the Watcher Uatu a souvenir. Nova gets a warning through his helmet and discovers the Watcher has an armory. Nova discovers a group of Watchers gave a lesser civilization an energy source however they turned it against themselves. Now the Watcher searches all of the multiverse to find a time where they did not monitor. Nova wants to know whether his father is alive and the Watcher answers with a yes. Nova flies off as the stage is set for the Watcher’s assassination in Original Sin #1. The zero issue was meant to understand our victim and sympathize with him as he gives Nova compassion by answering his question. 

Original Sin #1 opens with the Watcher dead with his eyes removed on the Blue Area of the moon where oxygen exists. Nick Fury, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, and Wolverine investigate. On Earth Spider-Man and the Thing tackle a Mindless One who holds the Ultimate Nullifier which was at the Watcher’s armory. The other Marvel heroes searches for various leads from space to the center of the Earth to another dimensional plane of existence. Original Sin #2 The Avengers track down who was responsible for the death of the Watcher which leads them to the Z-List Super-Villain the Orb. Original Sin #3 The Orb releases the Watcher’s secrets including Thor having a sister and Tony Stark responsible for the Hulk. The issue ends with Bucky Barnes severing the head of Nick Fury. Original Sin #4 The Nick Fury is a LMD and the Winter Solider tracks down the real Nick Fury who has aged in real time. Original Sin #5 in the past Howard Stark helped save the world from aliens. Original #6 Nick Fury is dying and he has selected a few heroes to replace him. Original Sin #7 Nick Fury takes on the Avengers and makes Thor unworthy with just a whisper as the final moments of the Watcher is revealed. 

Original Sin #8 reveals Nick Fury killed the Watcher however it was something which was obvious since issue five. Overall the series is meant to promote other titles including Spider-Man, Thor, and Angela. The finale is predictable as Nick Fury becomes the new Watcher and Winter Soldier becomes the new Alien Assassin replacing him. A promising series which fell apart towards the end. The Original Sin series is 4 issues way too long. 

This paperback collects
Original Sin (2014) #0-8