Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Star Wars TPB [2013-2014]

George Lucas original screenplay of Star Wars is revealed. We will be introduced to the Starkillers with their father Kane and two sons Annikin and Deak. Luke Skywalker who is in his early 60s is a Jedi and General. Han Solo is not even human by a ‘huge green monster.’ The bad guys included the Emperor who is a politician than a Sith Lord, General Darth Vader, and the Sith Prince Valorum. 

Jedi Kane Starkiller loses his son Deak while the Emperor moves against a system to obtain the final obstacle in the Galactic Empire. However the Empire will face Jedi General Luke Skywalker and his Padwan learner Annikin Starkiller. The Empire attacks with their “Death Star” and R2-D2 and C3P0 makes it to their escape pod.

Annikin was tasked to bring Princess Leia back home and runs into R2-D2 and C3P0. With the King dead Leia becomes the new Queen and Skywalker is tasked to take her to the Ophuchi System. The Sith Knight Prince Valorum tracks Skywalker who is looking for Han Solo to leave the system with the new Queen.

They escape on the Blockade Runner however crash on the Planet of Yavin where they rescue Wookies and meet Owen Lars. The Queen is captured by the Empire and Skywalker, Annikin, Han Solo, and the Wookies rescue her. Annikin sneaks on the “Death Star” and is captured by Sith Prince Valorum who encourages him to fight against the Empire. The “Death Star” is destroyed and the heroes save the day.

Overall the pace of the original rough draft proves why The Star Wars needed to be rewritten. It also teachers upcoming writers that one’s work is not final. Some of the dialogue needed to be improved to suit the scene instead of forcing the situation. George Lucas made massive rewrites to his original screenplay and it is worth it to study its progression.

This paperback collects
The Star Wars #0-8