Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: The Parker Luck TPB [2014] by Dan Slott

Following the events of Superior Spider-Man, Peter Parker returns to his life and tries to cope with the changes Doc Ock made to his life. This includes healing his relationships with his Aunt May, the Avengers, and Mary Jane. Peter is also trying to settle down with the fact that he has a Ph.D and a company called Parker Industries. Things get complicated when Anna Marie discovers Peter is Spider-Man and he wanted to propose to her.

After Electro is back, Peter wants Parker Industries to build a super villain prison and cure Electro. Black Cat wants revenge what her life being taken away so she team up with Electro. During Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, Doc Ock used Electro for his own purposes and now he wants revenge. Meanwhile after resigning from being the Mayor of New York, James Jonah Jameson has a job offer of hosting his own television program.

Following the events of Original Sin, Spider-Man discovers there was another person bitten by the spider that gave him his powers, Cindy Moon. He discovers she was imprisoned by Ezekiel to protect her from Morlun. Spider-Man releases Cindy Moon who creatures her own costume and calls herself Silk. Now she searches for her parents and discovers Morlun can come back from the dead. Meanwhile Black Cat is targeting Spider-Man while Silk kisses him as well as knows him as Peter Parker.

Both Black Cat and Electro kidnapped Sajani Jaffrey so Peter goes to the Fact Channel to be interviewed by Jameson. Electro and Black Cat arrive to hold Peter hostage until Spider-Man arrives however Silk makes her play long enough for Peter to change to Spider-Man. Both Spider-Man and Silk escape the Black Cat and Electro. Realizing Spider-Man has muscle with him, she decides to recruit muscle. However the villains decide to opt out until Black Cat shows them she can lead by taking on Parker Industries and their super prison plans.

This trade paperback collects
Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #1-6