Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Justice League Volume 6: Injustice League HC [2014] by Geoff Johns

Following the events of Forever Evil, Lex Luthor convinces the Justice League to let him join them by allowing Wonder Woman to put her lasso around his wrists. Luthor warns the danger that destroyed the Crime Syndicate’s world is coming to Earth. After being told to leave Luthor heads to Wanor Manor and asks Alfred that he is here to see Batman. Meanwhile the ring belonging to the Crime Syndicate member Power Ring finds a new host in Jessica Cruz. 

The Justice League attempt to find the new Power Ring because it may give them clues to what destroyed Earth-3. However the new Doom Patrol arrives on the scene to stop Power Ring. Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, Element Woman and Chief who is Dr. Niles Caulder make up the Doom Patrol and they take on Power Ring until the Justice League arrives. The Cyborg touches the Power Ring to shut it down however discovers its origin. The First Lantern Volthoom is imprisoned within the ring and wants Cyborg to signal the destroyer of Earth 3 to come to this Earth. The destroyer wants the child of Superwoman who is imprisoned and 3 months pregnant. Just when the Chief attempts to retrieve the Power Ring, Lex Luthor shows up to stop him. 

The Power Ring is fueled by fear so Batman fuels her courage and saves her. Meanwhile the Anti-Monitor and his Herald notice where the Crime Syndicate escaped to New Earth. The Justice League agrees to let Luthor join them so they can keep an eye on him. 

The new Power Ring Jessica Cruz adjusts with her new situation with the help of the Flash.  The Justice League has trust issues with Lex Luthor joining them. This includes Superman and Wonder Woman while Wayne Enterprises and Lex Corp have a partnership. However Bruce Wayne and Superman are planning on arresting Luthor while Lex plans on teaming up with the Crime Syndicate villain Owlman in exchange for Superwoman’s baby.

This hardcover collects
Justice League (2011) #30-35