Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Strain Book One [2011-2012] by David Lapham | Mike Huddleston

The TV series of the same name premiered in 2014. The comics expand on how the story is told with background information to enhance the story. The story begins in Romania in 1927 where Jusef Sardu the son of a polish nobleman becomes a monster. In the present at JFK International Airport, a plane lands with no communication and the CDC are called. They discovered survivors inside and most of the passengers appear to be dead however later they are coming back to life. The plane also contains an undocumented coffin which mysteriously disappears.

Abraham Setrakian reveals to Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and Nora Martinez there are seven original vampires called the Ancients. A schism left three in the old world and three in the new world. One is a rogue called the Master. Stoneheart Group helped bring the coffin and the Master to the US. In 1937 Romania the Master Jusef Sardu continued to plague the weak and it was Setrakian who created the coffin. Dr. Goodweather and Setrakian discovers there is a connection between the virus and the Stoneheart Group. 

Dr. Goodweather and his group team up with Vasiliy Fet to find the Master’s lair. They find and confront the Master who gets away. Since the Master broke the truce the Ancients of the New World are also finding a way to fight back. The series has a beginning, middle, and ending which make the reading easy.  Some publishers like to milk a series however creator-owned series has a separate life of its own. 

This hardcover collects
The Strain #1-11