Thursday, October 9, 2014

E07: Batman #35 Endgame | Batgirl #35 | Earth 2: World’s End #1 | Earth 2 #27 | World’s Finest #27 | Green Lantern Corps #35 GodHead Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman #35 takes place following Batman Eternal and Bruce has a Batman bunker in Gotham as Julia Pennyworth joins the team. Bruce is attacked by Wonder Woman so he clears the city as he is also attacked by the Flash, Aquaman, and Superman. Bruce discovers who is pulling the Justice League strings and it’s the Joker who has returned following the events of Death of the Family

The stories of Earth 2 increased with three titles released simultaneously this week with Earth 2 World’s End #1, Earth 2 #27, and World’s Finest #27Earth 2: World’s End begins with the multiverse showing the Sun Eater as well as Bizarro World. We are presented with a history of Earth 2 beginning with the Apokolips War where Darkseid invaded it. Before losing their lives Superman and Batman lose their loves including Lois Lane and Selina Kyle. There was five years of peace on Earth 2 as the forces of Apokolips regrouped. New villains and heroes rise including Brutaal and Val-Zod. Now we move to the present where Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, and their son live in a World Army refugee camp. In Geneva the new Superman and Batman finally meet Power Girl and the Huntress who has returned after five years. However the forces of Apokolips also return in the form of four Horsemen. 

Earth 2 #27 takes place following the events of Earth 2: World’s End and the new duos of Superman and Power Girl as well as Batman and the Huntress finally work as a team. 

World’s Finest #27 shows Jor-El responsible for the destruction of Krypton and Apokolips offers a chance to save Krypton in exchange for Kal-El. However Jor-El and sends Kal-El, Kara, Val-Zod, and another to Earth before the destruction of Krypton. Frankie Falcone wants to kidnap Alan Scott at the hospital Thomas Wayne works at however he refuses him. 

Green Lanterns Corps #35 continues part three of GodHead as John Stewart is asked to submit and surrender his ring to the New Gods. John Stewart and his Corps defend themselves until the Indigo Tribe arrives to rescue them. On New Genesis the New Gods may have found Kyle Rayner and his White Lantern.